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  Emoticons Text Dictionary   emoticon

   Dictionary of funny text-based Emoticons Smileys for SMS Text Messaging
   and Chat. (Facial expression pictorially represented by punctuation and
   letters, usually to express a writer’s mood)

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=|:-)~D    English with cup of tea
c]:-} So british
(op) Aristocrat
(0)-<-< Astronaut
:-? Lawyer
:-)-S=~ Ballerina
:-€ French banker
:-£ English banker
[{-_-}] ZZ zz z… Sleeping baby
(|):-)=II= Jewish Blonde
(:-)(°°°) Snowman
*|:^)(.)(...) Snowman
K:P Guy with cap
<:-I Dunce
:+) Cannibal
<^_^> Chinese
<|-) Chinese
<|-( Unhappy chinese
<|-)8< Chinese girl
*:o) Clown
*Q|:O) Clown
C=:-) Cook master
:)-S= Dancer (girl)
: L] Dentist
:-)>-o Doctor
:-| 8( )- Pregnant Women
§:-)3> Nude girl
(-:|:-) Siamese twins
[|:-{O Cop
~(^-^)~ Girl
:-)8> Big girl
:-)-8 Fat girl _:^) Indian
-:-) Indian

{-)        Iroquois
@:-) Indian turbaned
+]:-) Nurse
(ô¿ô) Intellectual
=:-H Football/Rugby player
o[-<]: I am a skater
E-:-) Operator radio
+O:-) Pope
(>-:-) Parachutist
8:-) Small girl
*\o/* Pompom Girl
:?) Philosopher
P-) Pirate
(:)-) Diving
°°°(:)-) Happy diving
+:-) Priest
8{) Teacher
o(^_-)O Punch, a boxer
-:-) To be Punk
--:-) Punk-rocker
=:-) Punk after fight
-:-( Real punk
Ic:0 Pygmy
d:o) Rapper
+-:-) Religious
?:-» Rocker
o:-) Saint
†_o/ Saint
:->X==| Server
*(H-) Skier
#;Ð< Smilchat
¯\(°°)-^ Smilchat
~o(:-) Speleologist



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