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  Emoticons Text Dictionary   emoticon

   Dictionary of funny text-based Emoticons Smileys for SMS Text Messaging
   and Chat. (Facial expression pictorially represented by punctuation and
   letters, usually to express a writer’s mood)

   ~@-@~ Communication and Action...


:-@         Shouting help
:-V Shouting
:-# Censured
:-? Eeeck !
:-? An aside
(:>-< Hands up !
¯\(°_o)/¯ I don't know
:-----} I lied
:-S Incoherent
:-W Viper's tongue
:-P Shit...!
(O--< Suspicious message
*:* Confused message
(:-|K- Official message
:-? Mute
:-o Oh !
:-­ Ooh !
:-# Oops...!
:-¿ Speak little Spanish
:-S Say whatever
:-? Secret
...---... S.O.S.
:-& Be deaf-mute
8-O What a surprise !
:-? Wow !
:-§ Heck !!


(((H)))     Big Hug
:-**-: Kiss of love
:-)(-: Kiss on the mouth
(///-}*{-''') Kiss of love
;-) Wink
(o.~) Wink
^_- Wink
(~_o) Wink
:-O I shout
d O.O b Headphones
d0~0b Headphones (but dislike)
:* Kissing
:*) Kissing
:-X Kissing hard
:-× Kiss with tongue
( )( ) /// Spanking
:~i Smoke
: d~ Smoking
:-)_~ Smokes hashish
:-? Smokes a pipe
:/i No smoking
§:oÞ Grin
((((((^_^) Leaving discretely
>(:) Watching tv
|(:-... Break
:-p Sticks out his tongue
:-C.°.° Vomit



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