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  Emoticons Text SMS Dictionary   emoticon

   Dictionary of funny text-based Emoticons Smileys for SMS Text Messaging
   and Chat. (Facial expression pictorially represented by punctuation and
   letters, usually to express a writer’s mood)

   ~@-@~ Usual and No nose...

Usual Acronyms (sms)

*g*     Giggle  
*H*     Hug  
*K*     Kiss  
*W*     Wink
1       Won/Want
2       To/Too
2day    Today
2moro   Tomorrow
2nite   Tonight
4       For 
a/s/l/  Age, sex, location
AFK     Away from Keyboard
ASAP    As Soon As Possible   
B       Be
B4N     Bye for now
BAK     Back at keyboard
BBL     Be Back Later  
BBN     Bye Bye Now  
BBS     Be Back Soon  
BCNU    Be seeing you
BEG     Big Evil Grin  
BF      Boy Friend  
BF4E    Best friends for ever
BFFL    Best friends for life
BRB     Be Right Back  
BTW     By The Way  
BWL     Bursting With Laughter  
C       See
C&G     Chuckle and Grin  
CID     Crying In Disgrace  
CU      See you
CUL     See you later
DADT    Dont Ask, Dont Tell
EG      Evil Grin  
EZ      Easy
FC      Fingers Crossed
FM      Fine Magic
FYI     For Your Information  
G2G     Got to go 
GAL     Get a life
GD      Good Day
GF      Girl Friend  
GFN     Gone For Now  
GG      Good Game
GTSY    Great To See You  
H&K     Hugs and Kiss  
HNY!    Happy New Year
HT!     Happy Thanksgiving
IC      I See  
IDC     I don't care
IDK     I don't know
IMO     In my opinion
IWALU   I Will Always Love You  
IWYWH   I wish you were here
JC      Just chilling
JK      Just kidding
JP      Just playing
JTLYK   Just To Let You Know  
JW      Just wondering
K       Okay
KISS    Keep It Simple Stupid
KIT     Keep In Touch  
KWIM    Know what I mean ?
L8R     Later  
LHO     Laughing my head off
LMAO    Laugh(ing) my as off
LMHO    Laughing My Head Off  
LOL     Laugh Out Loud
LTS     Laughing to Self  
LUWAMH  Love You With All My Heart  
LY      Love You  
LYA     Love You Always
MC!     Merry Christmas
MTE     My Thoughts Exactly
N       And
NE1     Anyone
NM      Not much/Never mind
NMU     Not much, you ?
OIC     Oh, I See  
OMG     Oh my God

No nose

:]          A friend
:@ My tonsils
:O Yawn
:* Kiss
:{ Bof
:< Disappointed
:o Astonished
|^o Snoring
|I Asleep
:Q Uh...
:I Hmmm...
:C Lip
:D Laughs
:( Dissatisfied
:} Moustached
:,C Tears
:? Question
:> Sarcastic
:] Shy
=) Mischievous eyes

Usuals Acronyms

PDS      Please Don't Shout  
PLZ      Please
PPL      People
QT       Cutie
R        Are
ROFL  Rolling On Floor Laughing  
RTSM     Read The Silly Manual  
RUOK     Are you Okay?
SETE     Smiling Ear To Ear  
SMS      Split my sides
SWL    Screaming With Laughter  
SYS      See You Soon 
TAH      Take a hint
TAU      Thinking About Us
THX      Thanks
TOY      Thinking Of You  
TTLY     Totally
TTYL     Talk To You Later  
TTYS     Talk to you soon
TTYT     Talk To You Tomorrow  
TY       Thank you
U        You/How are you ?
UR       Your/You're
UW       You're welcome
W/E      Whatever
W8       Wait
WB       Welcome Back  
WKND     Weekend
WTG      Way To Go  
WYSIWYG  What you see is
            what you get
XLNT     Excellent
Y        Why
YR       Your/You're
ZZZ      Sleeping/Tired 



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